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Review: Daamon's Choice by Jory Strong

20262128Daamon's Choice
by Jory Strong
Series: Fallon Mates (#5)
Published by: Ellora's Cave
December 20th 2013
Genre: Science Fiction, GLBT, Romance
Format: eBook

Rating: 3 Stars

     The books before this one I liked more. Maybe because they where helping their race?

     The females of Belizair can't have children because of a virus and the males are trying to help with it. In the mean time they are taking human women with the Fallon genes and mating with then because only solution they've found so far.

     Daamon d'Vesti was sent to earth to protect Grayson since he is a brilliant scientist and his work can help the females of Belizair with their fertility problem. Daamon is attracted to Grayson but he doesn't act on them because the d'Vesti society (much like earth) disapproves of this same sex relations. But when another d'Vesti acts on them in front of their society he is more than willing to try it with Grayson, with the condition that he tell his parents first.

     Daamon was matched with an earth female and I thought that he was going to share her with Grayson (after all the previous books are all threesomes), but Grayson doesn't have the Fallon gene so it didn't happen. The story just stayed with Daamon and Grayson.

     I was a bit disappointed but the author says that she sees the coming stories going the way a was thinking so I'm kind of happy about that and can't wait to read about the human males helping with this races problems.

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ARC Review: Married to a Perfect Stranger by Jane Ashford

21996365Married to a Perfect Stranger
by Jane Ashford
Published by: Casablanca
March 3rd 2015
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher (Netgalley)

Rating: 5 Stars

     Lately I have been in a reading funk but I am glad to report that this book has help me with that. From the first page I was sucked in and loved every minute of this story.

     This story was very different from any other historical romance I've read. First, the MCs were already married. Then they are not from the ton, they are what you'd call middle class in this times.

     John is trying to advance in his work, we could say he is trying to get promoted, by going above and beyond his job requirements. Meanwhile his wife is trying to help him as best she can, but with her skills to see beyond what's on the surface of what a person shows the word when she is painting, she might be more of a hindrance or will she?

     The characters are flawed, which makes them more human. It gives them characteristics with which to identify with. I laughed with the monkey scene. The situation with his and her family made a little sad. The MCs were just put together because their family thought of them as being just mindless, gullible people with no thoughts of their own? That is just some messed up family issues.

     This is the first time I've read this author and I can say that I'll be reading her again. I just hope Caroline and Conolly get a book of their own too.

Andrea Laurence Spotlight

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     Pepper has no interest in Grant Chamberlain…until she accidentally wins him at a school auction and finds the mega-hot firefighter impossible to ignore. Find out what happens next in the second playful and sexy ebook romance in the Rosewood series!

     Living in the small town of Rosewood, Alabama, hairdresser Pepper Anthony has one rule—never date a Chamberlain. She’s always said, “the only thing worse than being ignored by a Chamberlain is being dumped by one.” But Grant Chamberlain, town fireman, isn’t used to rejection, and Pepper has consistently turned him down since high school. She isn’t intimidated by his family; she’s one of the few who refuses to take their crap.

     When Grant volunteers at the charity bachelor auction, to his surprise, Pepper buys him. She hadn’t meant to, but Adelia Chamberlain dropped a cold drink in her lap, sending her leaping into the air at precisely the wrong moment. Suddenly she had a massive bill to the town and Grant at her disposal. Since the money has to come from her “restore the house” fund, she decides to use Grant for manual labor instead of romantic dinners. Grant is happy to help, sweaty and shirtless, because one way or another, he’s going to get Pepper to admit she’s attracted to him. All it takes is a small spark, and soon they’ll be fanning the flames.


     Grant stepped out from behind the curtain to a roar of applause. The minute the lights hit him, Pepper felt her heart skip a beat in her chest like she’d been hit with paddles of a defibrillator. He was wearing a black, slim-fit suit with a black shirt and tie. Even though he was indoors and it was nighttime, he was wearing his trademark Ray-Ban sunglasses. The glasses always seemed to accent the square line of his jaw and the sharp angle of his nose.

     His full lips curled into his charming smile, with the slightest hint of a dimple visible on his cheek. It reminded her of him looking at her, just like that, from between her trembling thighs.

     Damn him for being so sexy. His confidence made him that much more attractive. And frustrating. And irritating. Her fingers itched to reach for her paddle, but she resisted. She wasn’t going to pay for his time, even when he smiled at her that way.

     “The lucky lady with the winning bid will go with Grant to a romantic dinner at Brio’s in Birmingham and if she likes, he’ll take her on an exhilarating ride down a windy country road on the back of his motorcycle.”

     Pepper could almost see all the wild fantasies rushing through the heads of every woman in the room. It was a nice thought—hair blowing in the wind, thighs clamped around Grant’s narrow hips, arms wrapped around his waist. Even she could imagine the hard feel of his abs beneath the thin cotton of his T-shirt and the vibration of the engine against her most sensitive parts. There was a rumble of approval as they readied their paddles and sized up their competition.

     Good luck to them, Pepper thought.

     Like a beach ball bouncing around the room, the bids flew fast and furious. Before long, they’d topped three thousand.

     Suddenly Pepper felt awkward. Even though she and Grant weren’t dating, she didn’t exactly want to sit around and watch other women battle for him. Looking around the room, she spied Adelia Chamberlain coming back to her table with a glass of ice water. Maybe another drink would help. Or perhaps it was the right time for a restroom break. She could beat all the other women that would rush the ladies’ room when the auction ended.

     Pepper slipped her purse onto her shoulder and picked up her paddle so she could dump it in the bathroom trash can. “I’m going to get some air,” she whispered to Ivy, then started to get up.

     The ambush was sudden and unexpected. When they first came in Pepper had noticed the cable that the A/V people had taped to the floor, but the room was much darker now. Adelia didn’t see it and caught the toe of her shoe on it. She didn’t fall, thank goodness, but she did stumble, slinging her full glass of ice water into Pepper’s lap.

     With a cry of surprise and alarm, Pepper leapt out of her chair, holding her arms high to avoid the water that practically covered her from neck to knees.

     “Four thousand!” Allison Price announced from the stage.

     The MC’s words were an even larger shock to Pepper than the water. She turned her head toward Grant and the action onstage. He was looking straight at her with a wide smile of confidence across his face. He winked at her, and Pepper felt her stomach sink into her boot. Allison was pointing in Pepper’s direction, trying to coax a higher bid out of the audience.

     Yes, please, she screamed in her head. Make it forty-five hundred. Hell, make it four thousand and one penny. Just outbid her. She was answered with deafening silence. The only one in the room making a sound was Allison up on stage. It seemed that suddenly, all the battling women seemed to give up. Even Grant wasn’t worth that much, it seemed, and she agreed.

     “No!” Pepper shouted, but there was no stopping it.

     “Going once . . . going twice . . .”

     “I didn’t mean to—”

     “Sold! To the lady in the blue sweaterdress, paddle twenty-two!”

     Pepper looked down at her dark blue sweater, suddenly made even darker by the spreading water mark. Her damned paddle, the one she never wanted to begin with, was still in her hand. She watched as it slipped from her fingers, clattering to the ground in slow motion as the gravity of the situation caught up with her. Four thousand dollars. She’d just bid four thousand dollars. Because of well-aimed ice water.

     “Oh, Pepper,” Miss Adelia fussed, dabbing her with an inadequate cocktail napkin and shaking off the well-meaning hands of the folks that were more concerned about the older woman nearly falling. “I am so sorry. I didn’t even see that silly cord,” she said. “Is your dress okay?”

     She couldn’t respond. All Pepper could do was close her eyes and try to keep the tears of frustration and aggravation from rushing down her cheeks.

     She had just paid four thousand dollars for a date with Grant Chamberlain.


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