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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Vittorio's Woman by Kimberley Reeves

Vittorio's Woman
by Kimberley Reeves
Series: Vittorio (#1)
Published by: Self-Published by Author
January 15th 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Rating: 4 Stars

     From the beginning of the book I was engaged by the characters. Lilly is very naive but not stupid, plus she's wealthy, not your typical i-need-a-man-who-can-help-me-come-out-of-my-debt's-and-who-will-spoil-me-and-make-me-his-trophy-wife heroine and Simon an alpha male who even if his pride is been bruised at least he knows that Lilly won't just walk out the door as soon as things get tough between them, I mean he's been rude to her and she's been able to see through him and still loves him.

     The only thing that I found against the book is that the author kind of spoiled the book's outcome in the middle of the story. We will be able to make our own conclusions, please don't spoil it, and if you're going to say something about what the MC's want or don't as the case might be, hint to something other that the actual ending.

     As for the rest, the book needs a little more editing, but I didn't put it against the story as the book was self-published and there wasn't that many errors throughout the book. Other that that it was a great captivating story and I am going to definitively be reading the next book.

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