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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ARC Review: Playing Doctor by Kate Allure

Playing Doctor
by Kate Allure
Series: Meeting Men (#1)
Published by: Casablanca
January 6th 2015
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher (Netgalley)

The Intern
Rating: 4 Stars

     This is some hot read in here. We have Lauren, a middle age woman who was abandoned by her husband and struggle to keep her practice opened and was succesful when she was able to partner with another doctor and share the financial burden. She is feeling lonely and in need of a stress reliever. When a colleague asks her to help with an intern she agrees without knowing that Courney is really Court and that he will awaken in her a long denied desire.

     It was really fun to see this older woman try to hide her attraction to one of her employees. It was also fun how they tried to best each other when it came to make the other lustful. That scene of the exam room? Loved it! The only thing I didn`t like was that it was a HFN ending and that it as 1st person POV. I would really like to read more about Lauren, sppecially after that ending.

My Doctor, My Husband, and Me
Rating: 3 Stars

     In this story we have a forty four year old married woman, who after nineteen years of been with the same man, is attracted to a man several years her junior. But what really attracts her attention is that in every fantasy her husband is there. And so after gathering up her courage Valerie proposes to Luka, her surgeon, and Elliot, her husband, to a menage.

     It was really interesting to see how this woman past her youthful years deals with this new facet to her life. How she is afraid of hurting her husband even when he was unfaithful to her at one time. Valerie is also dealing with the fact that she is an older woman that might not be atractive enough for a young man like Luka.

     I just would have like for the story to have more depth. The story consentrated to just the encounters of the threesome but didn't give any more background info of the characters. But overall it was a good story.

Sieze the Doctor
Rating: 5 Stars

     I really enjoy this story. It made me laugh and it kind of reminded me of myself. That shy, introverted, awkward girl that is afrair of trying more bold, out-of-the-box things that might get her noticed. But unlike me, she did get over it and tried hard to be a completely diferent person.

     I did tought their love came a little to qiuckly but it's more the fact that there was not much day-to-day details. The story skipped weeks at a time so the main characters could be together.

     The story came full circle with the characters beeing in the GYN patient room. And that last encounter? Oh, it sudendly hot in here! Again it was a great story but I would have liked it to be longer with moe depth into the characters lives.

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