Friday, September 19, 2014

Review: Valiant One by Jay E. Hughes

Valiant One
Valiant One
by Jay E. Hughes
Published by: Ellora's Cave
September 1st 2011
Genre: GLBT, Historical
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rating: 2 Stars

     I love historical books but I wasn't that into this one. The story was good but there wasn't much romance in it. There was much intrigue and treachery amongst the characters.

     I was left wondering who was the Princess of Wales' cohort. I got a bit sad on the situation with Prince Edward and Ragnar on the clearing but really liked how all turned out.

     I'm just sad that it didn't had more romance in it.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: Can't Buy Me Love by Molly O'Keefe

Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Buy Me Love
by Molly O'Keefe
Series: Crooked Creek Ranch (#1)
Published by: Bantam
June 26th 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rating: 4 Stars

     I liked how Molly mixes a little bit of Jock with some Cowboy and lots of drama plus girl trouble to come up with this tale in which shows us that there are some things that are worth fighting for and that our self worth is set by us.

     I love how Tara struggles with the mistakes of her past and how slowly she comes out of the shell in which she's being hiding to become a better woman. I also like the danger in the element that was Dennis. There is no good story without a good douse of trouble and crazy as batshit bad guys.

     I can't wait it read Victoria and Eli's story.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: When You Wish Upon a Duke by Isabella Bradford

When You Wish Upon a Duke (Wylder Sisters, #1)
When You Wish Upon a Duke
by Isabella Bradford
Series: Wylder Sisters (#1)
Published by: Ballantine Books
January 1st 2012
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rating: 5 Stars

     OMG this book was truly amazing. In the times this book takes place it was very important to stay out of the gossip channels. For that and other much greater reason the Duke of Marchbourne is dead set in staying above all this. But when faced with the country mouse that is his wife, he might not get his wish.

     Charlotte tries very hard to be the perfect duchess for her husband. Even going so far as to withhold her bodies response to the pleasure her husbands touch brings her. But in trying to please and make each other happy, they are miserable and making the other so. But in the end not even society's rules of property and decorum could keep this couple from expressing their love in the baser of forms.

     I love the way that Charlotte no matter how much refinement and instruction stayed true to her heart and was made happier for it. What happens behind closed married doors, should stay there. No body needs to know of it. And I applaud her for not faulting an eleven year old for the sins of his father.

     And although March has a long way to go in accepting the nature of his reactions to his wife are his and not because of his blood, he has taken the first step. It takes a real man to know his faults but a real gentleman to deal with it.

     This truly is an amazing book with romance(of course), gossip, an duels of honor. A great start to a new historical trilogy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan

Dirty Laundry (Tucker Springs, #3)Dirty Laundry
by Heidi Cullinan
Series: Tucker Springs (#3)
Published by: Riptide Publishing
January 28th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Liked
     The way Denver and Adam met WOW *fanning self* Can you say HOT!! The way Adam struggled with his OCD and how Denver "punished" him for making decisions that where not his to make because of it. Louisa. Just love her and admire her for making herself the way she was just to be content with herself. El and Paul. Just cause I got to "see" them again.

What I Didn't Like
     Stupid, Bully Brad. I was taking a # to punch him just to realize what a wimp he really was.

     A really good, sweet story that had me at times teary-eyed. I really think the title suits the book and I'm looking forward to the next one but more specifically to Nick's book.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Along Came Trouble by Ruthie Knox

Along Came Trouble (Camelot #2)
Along Came Trouble
by Ruthie Knox
Series: Camelot (#2)
Published by: Loveswept
March 11th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rating: 5 Stars

     Another book by Ruthie that I find Awesome!!

     I can't say enough how much I loved this book. It had all the right elements to make it exiting plus it wasn't long enough to make it boring or short enough to keep you wanting more AND it left you wanting more of the other characters.

     I liked the chemistry between Ellen and Caleb. The sexual tension and the mix of what they wanted and what they desired. Also liked the way Caleb treated Henry even when he wasn't his son. Not many men can be gentlemen.

     I cannot wait for the next installment Flirting with Disaster, Katie's book!

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