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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

Shifting Shadows
by Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson
Published by: ACE
September 2nd 2014
Genre: Paranormal
Format: eBook

Rating: 5 Stars

     I don’t read anthologies often because I don’t know what to expect about the authors I don’t know. I’m not a person to take such risks. If I’m looking for new authors I go to the library, check out whatever book catches my eye and if I like the author then I can make the conscious choice to but his/her books. That’s why the few anthologies I've read are like this one. All stories by the same author because they are part of a world they've created.

     Even though a few of these books have been previously released it’s the first time I've read them. The first one Silver was very sad and gives us a deeper glimpse to Samuel and Ariana’s story. A story which I've been wanting to read and thought I’d never get the opportunity. When Ariana was introduced and Samuel’s affection for Mercy was ‘erased’ (that how I feel) I was left confused—where this this girl come from? How do she and Samuel know each other? Why is she so afraid of werewolves?—this are some of the questions that arose. Well now I’m not so mad that they just fell into each other without there been even a thought that Samuel knew someone else who he might have loved but his wife. And I hope we can see more of them or have another short story that can give us closure to that chapter of Mercy’s world.

Fairy Gifts
     This story is about Thomas, a vampire who’s ‘talents’ were exploited by his father’s illegal trading in the old days. In the underground tunnels of an old mine while delivering the next round of clients he sets to explore and finds Margaret a fae. She is in a predicament—if you can really call it that—and he sets out to help her, thus earning the gift of his freedom. Many years later he is summon back by an unseeing force that he can’t deny, which is how he ends up rescuing Maggie again and having her as a reward. Even though this story doesn't have any of the characters from Mercy’s stories it is still a captivating tale and it shows us that there is a bigger world out there than the one in which Mercy and the Columbia Basin Pack live.

     Elyna is a vampire turned who was not expected to survive the change but who against all odds did and payed a high price for it. She has broken the hold her Mistress had on her by killing her and because she doesn't want the responsibility of other vampires—as she is suppose to take her Mistresses place—she runs away. She knows if she stays she will be killed too as she is weaker than other vampires who want the position of leader of the cover. She goes back to her old house where she used to leave with her husband and contracts some workers to help rebuilt it thous making them 'hers.' which means that when her old cover takes the foreman in order to lure her in she has to go get what's hers back. Even if it means death. But she has the help of her husband's ghost. And of course she gets her man back. I just wish Briggs would make this into a stand alone story. Or expand it a little more on another short story. What will happened with the workers when the apartment is finish? How will she make them stay with her? I would really like to know what comes next for Elyna and her gang.

Seeing Eye
     I haven't read the Alpha and Omega series yet so I hadn't met this two before so it is good to have this back story before going in to that series (I'm fine with going in backgroundless with the Mercy characters I don't need more, TVM). There is something different to this story; that is that we have a blind witch that doesn't miraculously starts seeing again. Though she does start seeing again—kind of. With her magic she is able to see through Tom's eyes by touching him. Tom seeks out Moira so she can help him look for his brother who has been kidnapped by a witch coven. But there are some interesting twist and turns here and there that are intriguing and captivates the attention of the reader. This is another story I wouldn't mind Briggs to expand. Even if it's a short story or a stand alone.

Alpha and Omega
     As I started above, I haven't read this series. This is a nice start to the series and it definitively sparks the readers curiosity as to what comes next. Anna was turned against her will. Been a woman and surviving the change is rare enough but she is an Omega wolf which makes her even rarer. She is treated by her pack like she is nothing and abused by her alpha and others. She calls on the Marrok when she suspects what her alpha is doing is wrong and he sends Charles—his youngest son, his enforcer. From the first moment they meet at the airport Charles' wolf claims Anna as his mate and there is nothing any of them can do. But what Charles CAN do is help Anna understand that she is not just a submissive wolf but an Omega and that she is more valuable than she is led to believe. And of course find out what is going on with her alpha's pack and solve it.

The Star of David
     David Christiansen first appears in Moon Called and though I have to say that as soon as he left the scene I thought of him no more I'm glad to have this story of him. It gives us the story behind his 'story' and a kind of closure to it by helping his daughter—who looks more like his grandma than his daughter—to solve the mystery behind a case with one of her foster kids. She suspects something paranormal behind the 'temper tantrum' the kid has thrown with his new foster parents destroying a lot of furniture and other things in the house. Needless to say that her instincts where on the money and things get ugly fast. But between David, Stella and Devonte they take care of the problem and in the end things turn for the better for David and his daughter with love and forgiveness winning at the end—as it should.

Roses in Winter
     In Blood Bound Kara's dad—who is a reporter—seeks help for her because she has been bitten and turn into a werewolf, which is rare enough she been female but even more because she's only a child. Which is how she ends up with the Marrok's pack trying to control her wolf. Asil, the Moor, is mention on Mercy's books too and is illustrated as this crazy wolf who would kill you just for looking at him. He is portrayed as the 'big bad wolf' and all things bad. But in this book we see a softer side to him. A kind of father figure. After three years of been a wolf Kara isn't able to take control of the wolf and change back and forth between wolf or human and according to the Marrok's laws they all have one year after the change to accomplish it or they have to die. So it goes without saying that many of the wolves are not happy by this—even when it's not her fault that her she was left for dead and her parents didn't know what to do but have her caged every full moon. It is Asil that helps her when her 'trial' comes and she has to show the pack and assorted guests that she isn't exempt to the rules. With the help of his past and some music he helps her calm the wolf and take control. As I haven't read the Alpha and Omega I'm not sure but I hope there is more to Asil and Sage.

In Red, With Pearls
     I have to say that Warren is my favorite wolf. Ever since he made an appearance in Mercy's books I've been in love with him. I have wanted to read more about him and Kyle forever. And here I have my wish. Warren works for Kyle's firm as a detective so he is present in the office at the end of the day when a woman comes looking for Kyle and then attempts to kill him. From there Warren starts looking for the person responsible for trying to kill his mate starting with some clients exes. What he uncovers leaves you stupefied, in a didn't-see-that-one-coming moment. I can't believe how this turn out. And I love this alpha side of Warren, it really shows us who he is and that he is underestimated by his sexual preferences. I want MORE!!

     When we are first introduced to Ben he is an a**. I disliked him and wanted to kill him myself. And the stories progressed we were shown a slightly kindred side of Ben. But in this story we are shown what a true big heart he has and though he is still an a** he is one with a purpose and a protective nature. Throughout this story he is trying to protect the secretary of his DBA department who is been sexually harassed by Mark Duffy—an IT junior director—but making it look like he doesn't care about her. It isn't until he is confronted by he's alpha Adam Hauptman that he knows what it's truly going on with everything at work and why he feels so protective of all who work in his department. Ben is really warming up to me—he just needs a little more smoothing around the edges!

      Mercy makes an appearance again in this story after almost dying in Night Broken to help a man who's wife is been hunting him. She is sought by Lisa a gardener who works for Rick—a man accused of having killed his wife—who has witness what the ghost of his wife does to him. She goes with Zack—the new submissive male wolf of the pack—who is her guard since she is reluctant to put the poor wolf in a position where he has to go against his alpha's orders—after all he is submissive and she is the alpha's mate—and Adam is exploiting that little fact. After meeting with Rick she knows what the situation is and what she has to do, but in real Mercy fashion it is not safe for her or poor Zack. This is really Mercy story and I can't wait to see what's next for this kick ass heroine.

Takeout from Silver Borne
     Here we get to see how after so many years Samuel and Ariana, despite Ariana's fear of her beast coming out, rekindle their relationship and start moving forward with their future. It was short but sweet and I can't be happier for them.

Takeout from Night Broken
     This is a really short retelling of the final moments of Night Broken from Adam's POV that shows us how Adam feels about his mate and how Coyote really feels—in his own way—about he's daughter. They kind of bond in this takeout and I hope to see more of Coyote in future books.

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