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Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: Full Throttle by T.C. Archer

Full Throttle
by T.C. Archer
Published by: Etopia Press
May 30th 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 5 Stars

     OMG what can I say?! A-MA-I-ZIN'!! There is action, suspense, and excitement in this book. As well as rushes of adrenaline for those NASCAR fans.

     Gail "Jimmy" James, being the best qualified mechanic Winston (team owner) could find after the dead of his head mechanic and a female at that, has a hard time being accepted by her team mates. Then strange things started to happened and her experience is called into question. But when a threatening note appears on her tool box that is when things go from "rookie mistake" to serious matters.

     Rex Henderson, driver of No. 14 and resident hunk, is attracted to Jimmy from the beginning but his racing comes first as his only desire is to owe his own team. But when problems start to come to the surface where they point to mechanical in nature he is put to the test on the faith he has for Gail. Also it comes to the light (at least to HIS light) how he truly feels for her.

     I really liked this book and that even when it was a romantic book not all was focused on the romance.

     The only thing I was disappointed on was that I guessed who was behind all fairly quick. But overall I loved the story. It was something new, different and refreshing.

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