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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review: Three to Ride by Sophie Oak

Three to Ride
by Sophie Oak
Series: Nights in Bliss, Colorado (#1)
Published by: Siren Publishing
October 27th 2010
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Review: 4 Stars

     What I like about this story is that we were able to delve into the mind of the bad guy if only for brief moments so we could understand things more deeply.

     From the beginning of the story I was captivated and I thanks my Secret Santa for the recommend. I love that the book is part of a series as I don't like stand alone's that much even when each book can stand alone on its own right. But this way we get to see what happens with other characters that might have grabbed our notice.

     This is the forth book I read about twins and I have to say there is something appealing to them. It might be the connection they have or something else but I wouldn't mind reading some more.

     The only thing that annoyed me was that poor Rye got stuck with not having some for a couple of days, I just hope he's the first one to impregnate her(even if they don't know as they're twins).

     I can't wait to read the rest in particular Stef's story!!

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