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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace

Midnight Secrets (Wildfire, #1)Midnight Secrets
by Ella Grace
Series: Wildefire (#1)
Published by: Ballantine Books
April 30th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rating: 5 Stars

This book had me on edge from page one. I had like a casillion theories and none were close to the truth!! This is truly a suspense book.

     It was very intriguing that the author let us in in a small part of the mystery. Into the scene that started it all but without even a hint as to why or who made the killings. Also even that there was a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that the former Chief of police was involved and that it didn't came as a surprise it was all meticulously done as to not give us a single hint as to the real culprit.

     I was also desperate to know what was the damn secret that Savannah was keeping from Zach. I had an idea of what might have been that kept coming to me in a variety of forms but I always rejected it. I didn't even thought of what actually happened.

     This book was genius and well executed. I will be eagerly awaiting on Samantha's book.

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