Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: License to Pleasure by Beverly Havlir

License to Pleasure
by Beverly Havlir
Series: Pleasure Seekers (#2)
Published by: Ellora's Cave
February 3rd 2010
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: eBook
Rating: 4 Stars

     After been kidnapped by the Xerexians, in order to secure a surrender from the Earth Federation, Lara finds herself running through the jungle of Utuja with her rescuer Vartan. But something about the escape doesn't sit well with Vartan. It's to easy and there is no battalion of armed men after them.

     As they make their way to Vartan's spaceship their passion ignites and in a secluded cave they give free rain to it with no promises of beyond their time on Utuja. But of course it doesn't go that way and they fall in love but can't admit it.

     Their intimate moments were full of heat and heart. Even the passionate ones. I liked this story very much and think it was a good second book to the series. I just think that the series could use a few more books and the author could use some of the secondary characters like the servant that Tamara was jealous of in Contract to Pleasure.

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