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Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Branded as Trouble by Lorelei James

Branded as Trouble
by Lorelei James
Series: Rough Riders (#6)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
March 30th 2009
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook

Review: 5 Stars

     Well I can really say that Mrs. James is one awesome writer. I love the situations she present in the stories (as they are not the same boring scenarios told in a different way) and the way the characters have to go about solving them, mostly because it's a problem of their own making. In this next chapter in the McKay family it is Colt's shot at a HEA if he can make everything work out on his personal and professional life and prove not only to those around him but to himself that above all he in not the same self destructive guy he once was.

     In the mean time India has to try and keep her hands but mostly her heart away from Colt. She has her own issued to deal with and prove to herself that she is worthy of Colt and the love he offers.

     I cried and laughed and got mad, but must of all I fell in love.

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