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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review: Playing the Part by Darcy Daniel

Playing the Part
Playing the Part
by Darcy Daniel
Published by: Carina Press
February 4th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher

Rating: 5 Stars

What I Liked
     This was an original story were the guy was the virgin and not the girl. I'm not saying that 'cause I'm a feminist but because it is something different. Also liked the story behind Cole's blindness and his and Anthea's interaction throughout the book. The beginning of this story gives a new meaning to "mi casa es su casa" and made me laugh like crazy.

What I didn't like
     Well I have noting to say here. It was pretty much an awesome story.

     It was a well put together book with every detail well put in it's place and a reasonable cause for the important events. I'm just disappointed it ended so soon!! I really recommend this book.

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