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Monday, August 18, 2014

ARC Review: The Arrow by Monica McCarty Arrow
by Monica McCarty
Series: Highland Guard (#9)
Published by: Ballantine Books
August 26th 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Source: Publisher

Rating: 5 Stars

#Contains Spoilers#

     I was lucky enough to win this book on a Goodreads Giveaway as an ARC form the publisher. Monica McCarty was the first author I read in the historical romance department. And she keeps surprising me with her stories and making the waterworks go full force.

     Mrs. McCarty is a great writer and I love that the tone of her books literally transport you to medieval Scotland. I have read many historical books where the author uses a lot of modern lingo and leaves you with just a story and nothing you can use for your imagination. Monica writes her stories like describing a picture but at the same time not overwhelming it with too much details. Just enough to give an idea and the right tone to transport you to the era in which is occurring.

     In this latest book on the Highland Guard series Cate's little village was attacked by the English and everyone killed and burned. She was left to die alone as punishment for trying to save her mother. After a couple of days Gregor "Arrow" MacGregor said to be the most handsome man in Scotland rescues her with a couple of other Guard members and takes her to his home in Roro.

     Been the best archer in all of Scotland after seven years of war Gregor starts having trouble with his aim-at least in his own eyes-and after a failed mission to reclaim Berwick Castle-in which his identity has been compromised-he is sent home by the king to lay low. It is then when he learns that war not always include people dying and the conquerors are not always kings.

     Some people might say that Catherine was manipulating Gregor and putting him against a rock and a hard place, but I think it was necessary with this particular character. Gregor needed to see her, and the only way was for Caty Cat to be insistent and throw herself at him and be in-his-face or he might have always ignore her and not acknowledge that she was different from the rest of the female population who just wanted him for his "pretty face".

     And then there is the surprise of Cate's parent. I literally didn't see that one coming. I also like that at the end Cate decided not to go through with the wedding. I was expecting a forced marriage because 'duh' that happens in a lot of books (at least the historical ones) and it was refreshing to have to see a man like Gregor grovel a little and earn that trust back.

Memorable Quotes:

     "It wasn't bad luck," Gregor corrected. "It was my fault. I hesitated."
     Bruce lifted a brow. "To shoot a dog?"
     Gregor gritted his teeth, humiliation burning inside him.... "Aye"
     "In his defense, sire, it was kind of a cute little blighter," MacSorley added with a grin. "And we did find out one thing that is important."
     "What's that?" the king asked suspiciously, expecting the jest.
     "The rumors are wrong: he doesn't just break hearts, he actually has one."


     The famed seafarer's grin turned smug."I'd say it's exactly like that." MacSorley put his hand up to his ear, as if he were listening. "What's that crashing sound I hear? Must be the sound of all those thousand of hearts breaking across the Highlands. The most handsome shark in the sea has been good and hooked."
     Gregor shook his head "Hell, Hawk. I'm saying my vows, not taking them."
     MacSorley waved off the protest. "I've experienced the lass's unusual skills first hand. If I were you, I wouldn't give her a reason to put a knife to my throat-or anywhere else, for that matter."


     This book had a previous cover to it. I'll like to point that I like the cover with which it was released but I would have preferred the color of the previous one.

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