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Friday, December 26, 2014

Review: Barracuda`s Heart by Jayne Rylon

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Barracuda`s Heart
by Jayne Rylon
Series: Hot Rods (#6)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
December 23rd 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, GLBT, BDSM

Rating: 5 Stars

     I love a good romance. I think this is my favorite book in the series so far. The previous ones for me consentrated more in the group sex than in the individual couple. Don`t get me wrong, I like that each person in the group complements the others, but I still would have liked more one on one from that books couple.

     In this book we finally get Roman`s story. It was really sad what he went trough but I`m very proud that he got over it. If not for himself in th beggining then for Carver. Poor guy can`t take a break. But thankfully his brother didn`t have to suffer anymore.

     As for Meep, I felt like smacking him upside the head. When you are in a D/s relationship comunication is essential, more so when the needs of one of the individuals are not been met. Carver should have told Barracuda that he needed something more with their sex. Something stronger. That he was feeling the darkness encroshing him.

     I can`t wait for Amber`s book. I hope is something more like this one as Amber is  not in the "in"  with the gang.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

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Stepbrother Dearest
by Penelope Ward
Published by: Self-Published by Author
September 28th 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Rating: 4 Stars

     Oh goodness what a book!

     I loved that the story had two parts. One, the beggining of Elec and Greta's story. They where teenagers and they annoyed each other in typical teen fashion but were hidding there true feelings for each other; specially Elec. There was also the story with Elec and Randy. It just kept you reading just to find out the truth about their relationship.

     An then the second part of the story, which is seven years after Elec left. Greta and Elec get reunited when Randy dies and there supressed feelings come back to the surface. Even when they are both trying to do the right thing. Which is really hard for both. Here we get the story behing Randy's hatred for Elec and his true feelings for Greta all those years ago.

     I cried and laughed and was angry for Elec and with Elec, I mean can he be more of an ass! I couldn't put this book down ( which I should have since I have so many other books (ARCs) I need to read and so little time) but it was so worth it. I'm just sad it was over so soon! I'm just glad I tried this author. I will definitely read her again.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review: Accidentally Maried to...a Vampire? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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Accidentally Married to...a Vampire?
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Series: Accidentally Yours (#2)
Published by: Forever
March 5th 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Rating: 3 Stars

     This book was one surprise after another. It was really painful to watch Niccolo try to stay true to the prophecy and not give in to his "male urges", specialy when Helena didn't make it easy. I like the story's plot and the background story of the characters.

     I was not expecting a lot of the things that happened on the story (e. i. Reyna and Andrus) and was surprise with the ending.

     Cimil is bonkers and I can't wait to read her story. Half the things she says are crazy babbling but make me laugh so much that I don't care! And I look forward to see what is to come for the future as the series progress.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review: Heidi and the Kaiser

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Heidi and the Kaiser
Published by: Self-Published by Author
December 20th 2009
Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 3 Stars

     If you don't like a lot of sex in your reading, do not read this book. There was a lot of it in the office and I am mistified to all the ways someone can have sex in a table/desk.

     I like the plot. Poor Heidi trying hard to ignore the designed dresses stolen from her just to keep Kaiser in her life. Afraid that if she told the truth he will want nothing to do with her thinking her a liar. And Kaiser making it impossible for her to talk to him about everything.

     What I didn't like was the fact that Kaiser was okay with Heidi giving Carvel a bj and that the only POV there was, was Heidi's. As for the rest; I know that everything happened to fast but it was a short story so I understand. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: Light My Fire by G. A. Aiken

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Light My Fire
by G. A. Aiken
Series: Dragon Kin (#7)
Published by:
November 25th 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Rating: 4 Stars

     Oh goodness, this series keeps getting more and more complicated with each book. There are several plots going on at once. I love that there are not just the POV of the two MCs but several others, including the MCs of previous books.

     This book introduces us to a new species and continues developing old plots. It made me laugh so much with Elina's matter-of-factness and Celyn's insesant questioning.

     The "Abominations" have interesting abilities and each one different. The Five youngest of Gwenvael and Dagmar specially. I never even tought that what the dragon god did would affect everyone not just Annwyl and Fearhgus or Breic and Talaith.

     I can't wait for the next book. To know who is about and what is next to come for Garbhan Isle and the dragons.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review: Cowboy Casanova by Lorelei James

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Cowboy Casanova
by Lorelei James
Series: Rough Riders (#12)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
December 6th 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook

Rating: 5 Stars

     Now this cowboy is something else. I'm trying to figure out in he commanded me, will I do his biding too? Some things are better left behind closed doors, don't you think?...I thought so. Now I can say that I'm surprised Ben opened up to his family...even a little bit...but I'm happy for him.

     What I really like about this books is that they reflect what might really be happening to people with this same problems. But Bennett in particular. It might be something dirty is one of the parts was not into it. But for me I think if it gets you of and your partner enjoys it...well I'm happy for you.

     Now I know the position this put Ainsley on and I understand her point. But again I applaud Ben for realizing what was really important to him and taking action to rectify it.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Review: The Risk-Taker by Kira Sinclair

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The Risk-Taker
by Kira Sinclair
Series: Sweetheart, South Carolina (#1)
Published by: Harlequin: Blaze
January 1st 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 Stars

What I liked
     Well we have military men, isn't that enough? No? Okay we have a wounded war hero, a life long unreciprocated love and a stupid girl who is afraid to commit and makes a full of herself because of it. Still not enough? What about betrayal, guilt and fistfights? Ahh got you there didn't I? Well what are you waiting go read the dang book...

What I didn't like
     I ended up to fast!! Was it that short or was I that unable to put it down? *puzzled*

     I loved the story and the characters. There was something about this wounded man that got to me. Maybe because many of my cousins and one of my brothers are in the military. At some point in the story I was misty eyed which I love in a romantic story. As for that ending I could have leaped into the book and smack the crap outta her!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Review Box Set 1: Inked in the Steel City by Ranae Rose

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Hot Ink

by Ranae Rose
Series: Inked in the Steel City (#1)
Published by: Self-Published by Author
December 15th 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 4 Stars

   I have been wanting to read this author for sometime but I haven't been able to for personal reasons, so when I saw that the author was willing to spare a few copies of the first three books of the series I couldn't resist to apply for one. I am SO glad I did.

     We have in this first book Mina a bank teller who is secretly crushing for her tattoo artist. She doesn't think any man will when something long term with her because she isn't able to give the relationship the time it needs. But then Eric shows her that he doesn't care if she has other responsibilities as long as she can spare some time for him and that he really understands where she's coming from.

     This is a very touching story. The characters are in sync and have spark when they're together and I liked that Eric gives Mina his understanding and support when dealing with Jess, Mina's sister.

     The only thing I didn't like was that everything was close (time wise) and that it jumped to a couple month later on the epilogue. I would have like to read a bit more in the interim before that last scene. But overall I loved the book.

Innocent Ink
by Ranae Rose
Series: Inked in the Steel City (#2)
Published by: Self-Published by Author
May 27th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 4 Stars

     This second book is about Karen, Mina's BFF, and Jed, Eric's boss and Hot Ink's owner. Karen started taking pictures for Hot Ink (that's how Mina and Eric finally got together) and since the first time she saw Jed she's had a crush on him. Jed for his part is attracted to Karen also but he doesn't want to make a move on her because he thinks it will hold her back with her photography business.

     When they finally come together they are explosive but still the fear is there in Jed's heart that Karen will leave to pursue a better path to her career. But when the time comes for her to make it big she realizes that what she really wants is to capture the special moments in peoples lives and/or things people will admire for years (like the tattoos).

     There was a little more intimacy in this story (I guess there is no teenager to schedule around) but still there are all the things I look for in a story. I liked this one a litter better because the timeline was about evenly distributed (not like in the first book where it ended and then it was a couple months later) and it was a bit longer (although I would have liked it to be longer).

Dedicated Ink
by Ranae Rose
Series: Inked in the Steel City (#3)
Published by: Self-Published by Author
July 29th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 5 Stars

     Okay, I don't know why but I like stories where the MC finds herself pregnant. Here Abby got pregnant after a one-night stand (even though she was on the pill (yes those things fail too)) and she doesn't know what to do. But what she isn't expecting is for the father of her baby to walk into Hot Ink with an appointment with her.

     After she confesses of been his twins they start a relationship but Sam doesn't want to be intimate with Abby for fear she might think he wants her for only a good time, meanwhile Abby feels like Sam doesn't want to touch her because she is getting big. When they talk it out there is nothing that can keep them apart from each other, specially with Abby's hormones all over the place.

     I like the timeline to this story. It was in a span of a couple months and when it ended I didn't feel like it needed more (not that I would have minded). There where parts of the story that had me misty eyed and that is huge plus in my book.

     I was afraid to start this author (I have bought some books that haven't been that good and wasted my money) but thanks to Ranae for this free copy I'll definitively be buying the next three, hopping for more and trying more of her books (the Lock and Key series looks amazing too ;P)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

ARC Review: Full Throttle by Julie Ann Walker

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Full Throttle
by Julie Ann Walker
Series: Black Knights Inc. (#7)
Published by: Casablanca
December 2nd 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher (Netgalley)

Rating: 5 Stars

     Since I started reading this series I’ve been dying to read this book. Why, well just because I’m Puerto Rican! And well let’s face it Julie Ann Walker knows how to write a good story.

     What I most liked about this story is that Steady was paired with the president’s daughter. I mean he is a maldito Boricua—which we are very much treated like dirt just cause we are latinos (although not by all Americans, but still plenty)—and she is the all American girl image. There is a lot of action in this book (you better bring me back my Ozzie lady, I’m not kidding!) and a bit of jungle adventure.

     Throughout the entire book Abby is trying to tell Carlos what happened the day his sister died but it is always interrupted by something or someone and that makes it all the more frustrating because you want to know, NOW! I also like that there are different POVs not just the MCs which gives the story more insight, like the Jemaah Islamiyah’s—or JI, who are the bad guys—commander.

     We also get to see Dan back on his feet after losing his wife all those books ago and I hope his book is the next one. I am really hoping he gets a HEA after all his been through.


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Julie Ann Walker Spotlight + Giveaway

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She Needs a Hero...

     Abby Thompson didn't sign up to be the daughter of the President of the United States. The position was forced on her by the small matter of her birth. Preferring a quiet life of study, she's content to leave the politics and the international intrigue to her father. Unfortunately, the most powerful man on the planet is sure to make enemies. When a group of armed thugs takes her hostage half a world away, demanding the U.S. government release prisoners in exchange for her safe return, she fears her father's policy of "not negotiating with terrorists" means she'll never see the shores of the Potomac again. Luckily, there's one glimmer of hope. His name is Carlos Soto. And though she abruptly ended things with him years ago, she knows now he's the only man who can save her…

Black Knights, Inc. to the Rescue...

     Carlos "Steady" Soto has taken part in his fair share of dangerous missions working at the covert government defense firm of Black Knights Inc. But nothing prepared him for the emotional rollercoaster he faces when he's tasked with rescuing the only woman he ever loved-who also broke his heart. Racing against time and outmaneuvering a group of trained terrorists will take everything he's got. Plus there's the heat simmering between them which is threatening to ignite into an inferno. While ruthless enemies stalk them, they must learn to trust each other again. Even if they do make it out alive, will Abby turn her back on him... for the second time?


     So far, so good…

     The hum of the Ducati was reassuring, as was Abby’s tightened grip around Steady’s waist. They were riding down the devil’s own washed--out, rutted, rock--filled hell of a rubber tree logging road, and for the first ten minutes of the harrowing journey, while she’d still been suffering the lingering effects of the sedative, it was just as difficult to keep her on the bike as it was to navigate the frackin’ jungle track.

     But now they were clipping along at a steady, if decidedly slow, pace. No JI goons could be seen in his rearview mirrors—-though it was hard to tell exactly, given the fact that the forest encroached from both sides and above. And if his calculations were correct, a half hour or so more should see them entering the lovely kingdom of Thailand.

     See, he wished he could call and tell Dan, sometimes it’s better to Lone Wolf McQuade things…

     Abby squirmed against his back, interrupting his thoughts and alerting him to the feel of her supple thighs pressed against the outsides of his hips and legs. Which, in turn, immediately focused his attention on her soft breasts—-and distended nipples?—-grazing his back.

     Okay, so who was he kidding? Like he hadn’t been keenly aware of each of those things since the first moment. Even while worming his way through the dense undergrowth of ferns and vines after escaping the encampment and hiking back to the Ducati, he’d been hard--pressed to concentrate on anything other than the feel of Abby squeezed all nice and tight against him. Abby’s soft skin touching his. Abby’s sweet smell—-even sweaty and bedraggled, she still emanated a soft cloud of dryer sheets and cocoa butter lotion—-filling his nose and making his head spin.

Author Biography

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     Julie Ann Walker is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of award-winning romantic suspense. She has won the Book Buyers Best Award, been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, and the Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA award. Her latest release was named a Top Ten Romance of 2014 by Booklist. Her books have been described as "alpha, edgy, and downright hot." Most days you can find her on her bicycle along the lake shore in Chicago or blasting away at her keyboard, trying to wrangle her capricious imagination into submission.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review: Chasin' Eight by Lorelei James

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11563858Chasin' Eight
by Lorelei James
Series: Rough Riders (#11)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
June 28th 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook

Rating: 5 Stars

     Oh poor Chase. It is so hard to live up to what people expect of you, but to have to hide in order to have something resembling a life is that much harder. He had to cheat to find again the joy of his profession and then to face reality with what happened to his young bull rider pal. Life is short and we have to live it as if it's the last day.

     Add to the equation Ava and we get a shit load of OMG and WTH. And I say poor Ava too. Trying to do a good thing and almost screwing up her relationship with him. But in the end all was resolved and I hope that video stays between them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review: His Mortal Soul by a. c. Mason

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His Mortal Soul
by a. c. Mason
Published by: Lyrical Press
March 5th 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 3 Stars

     In this book Kieran is intercepted by a woman on his daily run that asks him if he thought everyone was deserving of God's forgiveness. When he responded from the depth of his heart she attacked him and turned him a vampire at only weeks away from his ordination into priesthood. When he couldn't take it anymore (he saw himself a demon by his faith) he decided to jump a bridge not knowing that God had other plans for him.

     Sephora swears she saw someone jump the bridge. But the only person there was Deacon Lorcan Kieran at the other end. After that day he is not far from her mind. He has awakened in her a longing she thought lost after she was attacked. When she goes out to have some fun and is almost attacked again it is Kieran who comes to her aid.

     After a night of passion Kieran is ready to leave this earth in order to protect her. But is she ready to let him? Or will she be to late?

     What I liked about this book is that we brown skinned girls got to have a HEA. I mean, why is it always a pale girl who gets the hot tanned man? What I didn't liked much was how fast she found out about him. But I guess not all books can be the same, right? That would be boring.

Monday, December 1, 2014

ARC Review: Play Me Wild by Tracy Wolff

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Play Me Wild
by Tracy Wolff
Series: Play Me (#1)
Published by: Loveswept
December 2nd 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher (Netgalley)
Rating: 4 Stars

     Loved this book. Although it was a very short read, the introduction of the characters and the instant attraction was well written and didn't put the characters in a very intimate situation the second they met.

     I would definitively like to read the rest of the books to get more depth to Sebastian and Aria. There is a story to Aria's past that has me intrigued and wanting to know the rest of it. Plus there is the fact that Sebastian even with all that money he can make from the unsavory guests his father has been dealing with, he doesn't let it ruin his morals and values. He sees beyond what is in the surface and digs deeper into the situation and sets to rectify it the correct and fair way.

     The only thing I didn't like of this book is that it's in 1st person POV but it compensated with the fact that it has Sebastian and Aria's POVs (although both are in 1st person and I was kind of lost at the beginning of the change of points before my mind got with the program of it been one or the other).

     But besides that it was a really good read.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Review: Never a Hero by Marie Sexton

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Never a Hero
by Marie Sexton
Series: Tucker Springs (#5)
Published by: Riptide Publishing
May 13th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance, GLBTQ
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 Stars

     The only thing that I didn't like about the book was that it was on 1st person POV. I would have liked to be inside Nick's head too.

     As for the rest of the story? Brilliant!! I loved how Ms. Sexton proved that no matter the physical limitations of a person it is not an impediment to have a normal life. I really liked that Owen was able to rise from his past and his hateful mother and be the better man (even if it took him some time) with the help of Nick and his as yet un-revealed and unacknowledged love.

     I almost had a heart attack with Nick's story! I was so looking forward to his story since Second Hand but not in my life would have I thought that was his background. I now know why he was such an issue on Covet Thy Neighbor although he wasn't mention by name and not that I made the connection until Nick took Owen on a tour of the Light District on Halloween.

     I hope to read more of this series. I'm guessing the next book by Ms. Sexton is about Nathan? Can wait to read him too.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review: House of Saints by a. c. Mason

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House of Saints
by a. c. Mason
Published by: Decadent Publishing
February 24th 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 3 Stars

     I really liked the story but there are just to many points that influence my rating. One is that for being a book taking place in the 1890's I didn't feel like I was there at all. The form of writing just wasn't to old world.

     Then there is the fact that I wanted more of the story. I don't know specifically what but there was something missing on it. There is too the fact that Simone was in a house that serviced "mythical" creatures but she was mostly confined to her room.

     I did like the connection between Simone and Eravas. It was beautiful how even as he teach her and try to keep everything professional he ended up caring and eventually falling for her. And how she didn't let him hide from her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review: The Flesh Cartel: The Complete Collection by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau

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The Flesh Cartel: The Complete Collection
by Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau
Series: The Flesh Cartel
Published by: Riptide Publishing
August 4th 2014
Genre: GLBT, BDSM, Thriller/Suspense
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher (Netgalley)
Rating: 4 Stars

     Sublime service, made to order.
     The Flesh Cartel: an international, multi-billion-dollar black market that trades in lost souls. Or more specifically, their bodies. The Cartel trainers are masters at breaking a human mind. Fortunately for their ultra-rich clients, they’re just as skilled at putting people back together again—as perfect pets, well-trained and eager to please.
     Two orphaned brothers caught by the Cartel learn just how far the human spirit can bend—and how badly it can break. But with support from each other and a determined FBI agent, they may also learn how to live—and love—once again.

Season #1: Damnation

Episode #1: Capture
     This episode is just what the title suggest. Mat—a professional MMA fighter—and Dougie—Mat's brother and Psych PhD student—are captured and "erased" from their lives. I was left feeling murderous and sad in their place. They are mistreated, specially Dougie, but they don't know why. They think it has something to do with Mat's underground fighting.
     Then they are humiliated and forced to do things against their will to stay alive. This book repulses and makes you want to keep reading to see what it's to come for this two brothers; and makes you hope and pray that they get out of this and soon.

     This Episode made me feel murderous! After days of been locked up in padded rooms and endless pain, humiliation and rage, Mat and Dougie finally learn why they were taken, when they are up for auction as if they were the most precious of diamonds for the highest bidder (which for this buyers they really are).
     I really feel sorry for this men and what they are in for. I like that even with everything going on around them this two brothers want and are doing everything they can to stay together and get out of this alive. It is really sad to think that even if this is fiction this might be happening in real life.

Season #2: Fragmentation

     After been bought by Nikolai—a slave trainer—as a request for a client, Dougie and Mat are transferred from the processing center where they've been held to his house. From the moment they were bought Nikolai Has been training them—even when he has not been there to oversee it.
     It is very heart wrenching seeing how Dougie has been treated and how Mat is still the one suffering all the pain. Nikolai is to good at what he does and I fear that Mat and Dougie are in for some hard and painful truths and that they might not come out of this with everything they have and hold dear. Just poor bastards is all I can say.

     In his quest to train Mat and Dougie properly, Nikolai is trying to pin the brothers against each other, separate them in order to have the finished product he's clients look for. But he's work is cut out for him because the bond the brothers have is stronger than he thought.
     As I read more about the brothers and their 'situation' the more piss I get. And I hate Nikolai with a passion that make a mockery of Mat's pain and Douglas' self-disgust. But so far I'm more sorry for Dougie, for wanting to not hurt, than for Mathias as he is still the strongest of the two. But I really wish they didn't have to be apart.

     In this episode we mostly see how Nikolai is trying to break Douglas. He implements every kind of torture he can think of to make Dougie cave and it is staring to work. Meanwhile Mat is trying to stay strong physically—trough the fitness equipment Nikolai has supply him, after all his client wants a 'fighter'—and mentally. But we can see the cracks in his armor starting to show too.
     As much as I hate Nikolai I am impress with his control and his way to read what Dougie and Mat are thinking. Or an approximation of it. It really tells how good he is at what he does. I'm really starting to think he has a psychology PhD or something too. And as the story unfolds more and more is shown of Nikolai which makes me think he was brainwashed too—albeit in a different form.

     Nikolai has recruited the assistance of Mathias to help brake Dougie and although it goes against everything in him he agrees. Douglas suffers more pain and humiliation and when he calls to his brother to help him he finally realizes that the only person that can help him is Nikolai but only if he is obedient and do what he is told.
     It broke my heart how Nikolai was able to sever the connection between brothers in Dougie's mind. And how Mat is and will suffer because he still loves and wants to save his brother. But what gives me hope is that deep down—reallllllly deeeeeeep—is his heart, Dougie knows that Mat would have to have a good reason for not saving him.

Season #3: Transformation

     Mat is at the end of his mental rope feeling guilty and not worthy of even the memory of his brother and starving himself to death because of the depression his in. Meanwhile Nikolai is spoiling Dougie but it might come with consequences that Nikolai can not afford.
     I am dancing with glee here at seeing how even after all he's been though Douglas keeps a part of himself that not even Nikolai can reach. That part of his heart that is pure and that no matter what still holds hope for himself and Mat—even if he's not aware that's the reason but in my own heart I know it. I'm just sad about Mat and can help but pray he gets out of that funk quickly.

     Okay so Dougie is confusing up with down and right with left and still not near the end goal Nikolai wants but he's getting there. He is to much on his head and questioning and demanding but Nikolai is getting in his psych little by little and changing the settings. As for Mat he is back in the game and stronger that ever.
     It is a matter of time for all the pieces to fall into place and I just can't wait to see what Mat brings to the table with this new change in him. I was getting a little tired of Douglas and his whinny ass and his coming and going. I can't wait to see what is in store for Mat's training as Nikolai's client wants Mat complacent but not broken like Dougie will probably end.

     As Mathias tries to convince Nikolai that he will be perfect slave as long as he lets Mat see Dougie, Nikolai is plotting and planing to twist that reunion to his favor. But then it doesn't go as plan and the two brothers have until morning to fix everything between them—it only Mat could talk.
     Oh my freaking's about freaking time something happened here! I'm a little bit nauseated with the 'cock warmer' thing but cheering for Mat and Douglas to finally make their escape. But I'm starting to wonder if they ever will. I mean can Dougie be anymore Stockholm Syndromed? I been Mat would have punched him instead. Dude is getting on my nerves.

     After a failed escape attempt—which was a 'test' from Nikolai—Mat and Dougie are punished for it, but Dougie is the one who suffers the worst treatment until he breaks and finally severs his ties to his old life and his brother. And then Mat's punishment is the most psychologically damaging than what Douglas want through—IMO.
     I can't give this particular book more than three stars. I liked the story but it when a little to far for me with Mat's second punishment at Douglas hands and the performance at Douglas "come-out ball." I know that there has been some 'things' here and there that suggested that might happened but I didn't really think that the authors would actually write it and in so much detail. I just hope I don't have to read anymore on it.

Season #4: Liberation

     Douglas and Mat have been finally purchased and Nikolai has only a week or two more to make final preparations to send them to their new master. Which include—among other things—making sure Mat protects his brother as best he can and letting go of his attachment to Douglas.
     After the intense 10th episode I find this one the perfect way to come down from all that. Mathias and Douglas are branded as part of the 'initiation' protocol Nikolai has and then are given a reprieve from the agony by being pampered before being sent off—also to give the brand time to heal. We are also introduced to Nate, a detective interested in the brothers disappearance because of a crush he has on Mat and who doesn't look like he will be giving up on finding them.

     After been on the road a long time to reach their new master, Mat and Douglas are left to figure out how to please their master and how to survive on their own. They are in a private island with no hope to escape but this in no way makes Mat loose hope of escaping even when it looks futile to attempt it.
     Poor Douglas is left to try and make his way in a situation that look to be going from bad to worse with his fellow 'Pleasure' slaves. Mat in the other hand doesn't know what is it that Allen want even when he employs every thing ever told to him by Nikolai. And after he's new frenemy is killed in front of him—sort of—he finally figures what is that Allen want from him. I just hope they survive at the hands of Allen and can escape before is too late.

     Mat is turned into an underground fighter and his life consists now of fight after fight. Allen doesn't bother him anymore just as long as he keeps fighting, which is a blessing—or not. And Douglas is finally happy, or kind of happy anyways, as ha is now Allen's wife Penny's slave. His only duty is to make her happy—which is no burden—and keep Mat motivated to fight, just be alive so Mat can be blackmailed.
     This episode made me sad. There are just somethings you are not able to come back from and I'm afraid Mat might not come out whole from this. He is just going to keep suffering until he can escape, which thankfully the time just came. Meanwhile Douglas is content to please Penny as she treats him like a man and more importantly like a human, not a slave. He loves her, just as he loves Nikolai—but a little different—and is reluctant to escape with Mat—he has truly been brainwashed. I can't wait to see what comes next and if Mat truly can escape this time.

     Mat has been successful in running away from Allen—with Douglas help—and is now in protective custody with the FBI. Nick is with him and is doing everything he can think of to find anything of the Cartel so they can find Douglas. But it is proving to be not enough and the only solution that comes to Mat might scar him for the rest of his life.
     Poor Mat is going crazy trying to keep it together when people touch him or get near him. The only person he trusts is Coach Darryl who treats him like he always has—even if he might be feeling sorry for him in private—and doesn’t let him wallow in his pity party. But little by little he is coming out of his trauma and might eventually pull through—if he really comes out of this completely and not get caught up in the PTSD, the nightmares and the things he’s had to endure to survive.

Season #5: Reclamation

     After endless tries to somehow infiltrate the Cartel it is decided that Mat will have to let himself be recaptured by the bounty hunters. After much plotting and planing they set everything in motion and after a few days he if taken and tortured to make sure it wasn't a ruse. They obviously buy it and take Mat back to Nikolai for reeducation.
     Mat is suffering trough all this since every day that goes by is a day he doesn't have Dougie with him. But even when everything brings the baddest of memories he is willing to put everything aside and push forward if it gets him a step closer to finding his brother. But he will not like what has been going on since he's escape. It might all be too much. I just hope that he is a good actor or everything will go down the drain.

     After weeks of waiting the teams are ready to move and go rescue Dougie and make a mayor dent on the Cartel. Mat is psyching himself up for the job ahead of him but he doesn't want Nate there to see him like that. But after Nikolai inspect the agents who will go as slaves there is one of them who will be likely to ruin the operation so Nate decides he will go on his stead.
     This episode is a 5 stars for me. It made me laugh, it made me mad and it made me sad. Allen is trying to break Douglas' spirit and hopes with lies and Douglas is starting to see that Nikolai has manipulated him (although his training is fighting him too to not loose fate). I just hope that when it's all over Nate can still see Mat as he always had and not with pity and/or disgust and that they can have something together.

     After they 'rescue' all the slaves are taken to different institutions to give them the help the need. Doug is rebelling and going against what the psychiatrist's are advising they do—though not enforcing it, after all they want the slaves to have their freedom. Meanwhile Mat is trying all his best to fix things with Nate, who avoids him like the plague.
     As Mat is doing well with his therapies he is released form the facility with Doug's custody as Doug is not doing good with all those slaves around. They are given an apartment and new identities and after settling in their new temporary home they feel like their old selves—if only for a day—and it was good to see that. To see that after everything that's happened to them there is still hope to go back to be as close as they used to be.

     After a day of care free abandon it is time to go back to reality and that reality is that Doug is a headcase and Mat is trying to help him by giving him back his freedom and the power to make his own choices—but is Doug ready for it? Doug keep rebelling and trying to do what he wants—which is trying to find a master or mistress to tell him what to do—while Mat is trying to make his new relationship with Nate work but not give to much away to protect the trial.
     Oh God! This episode get a 5 stars too! I was crying by the buckets. Poor Doug if fighting his instincts but the training is so instinctive that he's having problems and Mat it's not taking any of it well either. They keep trying to find ways to coup with their new lives but it just to hard—specially for Doug. There are some up and downs but that ending gives me hope that this is going to end well for them. And I hope to see more of Corinne.

     In this final episode Doug has come a long way from where he was and after the trial's ending he is able to confront Nikolai and come out the victor even when all seemed like it wasn't going to be the case. He and Mat have been able to come together again as brothers with the past not come between them even when they have a long way to go.
     I feel like this was the perfect ending to this serial. Mat got his HEA and a HFN with endless possibilities in front of him. It was a nice surprise to see Leslie—she got to me in the brief time she appeared—and see that she will be okay too. They have a lot more to recover from but the important people are already there and hopefully not going anywhere. As for Nikolai I hope he has an infection that make his dong fall off! (That was a surprise little chapter)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review: An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride

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An Uncommon Whore
by Belinda McBride
Series: An Uncommon Whore (#1)
Published by: Loose ID
January 25th 2010
Genre: Erotic Romance, GLBTQ, Sci-Fi
Format: eBook
Source: Broad Universe (Netgalley)
Rating: 4 Stars

     I don't know what to say. It was a really good story!

     There is Pasha, a slave with no memory, who he's master uses to distract people so he can more easily take their money. He wants to escape, but he's previous attempts have failed, so he needs a new plan. When he sees the attractive stranger at the tavern he knows his escape is coming if only he can make the stranger notice him. He's ploy is successful but he doesn't know what he's really gaining with this arrangement.

     Griffin has been looking for King Helios for years and when he fins him he is surprised with what he finds. But more so because he doesn't remember anything from his previous life, or even his name. But he will free him from his enslavement and try to return his memories to him. They just have to get to their destination without been caught.

     I like to think that this story is of second chances as Griffin and Helios have loved each other since they were younger but couldn't do anything about it. What with Helios been king, needing an heir and all that. But now they are able to express their love it every way they can. Even when he doesn't remember him, Helios heart knows Griffin and knows to trust him and love him.

     Their story doesn't end with this book but it stands on his own too. I would definitively be reading the next book and see what comes for this two as Helios struggles with his returning memories.

Monday, November 24, 2014

ARC Revised Edition Review: Sanctuary by Eden Bradley

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by Eden Bradley
Series: San Francisco Dom (#1)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
December 2nd, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher (Netgalley)
Rating: 4 Stars

   First of all please read thoroughly so you can understand. Now I'll say that I didn't like the first chapter. It was rushed and everything happened very fast. I understand the book is a short story and things have to happen fast but I think it was more like the author was writing everything down in a rush to not forget but forgot to go back and edit. After that, I can't really complain. It was a really good story and it was moving.

     There were some things that left me stupefied, like the fact that...caution spoiler...Shaye has a piercing in the underside of his cock and they are doing it from behind and Devin likes that it rubs her g-spot, but then they are doing it against a door with her legs around his waist and she feels it against her g-spot again...spoiler ends...

     Anywho, I really would have liked the story to be longer and see more of Sanctuary but as for the rest, I can't complain. I'll be definitively reading the next book.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Review: Covet Thy Neighbor by L. A. Witt

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Covet thy Neighbor
by L. A. Witt
Series: Tucker Springs (#4)
Published by: Riptide Publishing
March 25th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance, GLBT
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3 Stars

     First I have to mention that I gave this book 3 stars because it was in 1st person POV and I don't like that POV much.

     Now that that is clear I have to say that it was a good book. We have Seth the tattoo artist that has always being skittish around religious people-specifically Christians-because of his past. But when Darren-a Christian minister-moves to the apartment across from his his resolve to steer clear of those kind of people will be tested.

     As he is constantly interacting with Darren he will see that not all people are the same and he will have to make a choice to oversee this minor-or huge depending on your view of it-detail of Darren's life in order to find happiness or regret his choice for the rest of his days.

     As I said it was a good book in this series and I can't wait to read more.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair

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Make Me, Sir
by Cherise Sinclair
Series: Masters of the Shadowlands (#5)
Published by: Loose ID
February 1st 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Format: eBook

Rating: 5 Stars

     This time is Master Marcus'. After a bad divorce he has swear off sassy subs, but when he is entrusted with Gabrielle he might change his mind. He can figure out why Gabi acts so rebellious when he knows (as all good Doms are wont to find out) that she really doesn't want to act this way. To find out he'll employ the only thing he thinks might get him the answers he seeks. But how much will this little act will cost him?

     When Gabi is discovered by the Masters of the Shadowlands to be a decoy for the FBI in a case she is furious with Marcus for abusing her trust and make her confess when she was must vulnerable. For it to keep going he'll have to grovel to her but she might not be so willing to listen. But really what good sub can resist the command from a Dom. When all is said and done and Gabi returns to the club it might be for the last time.

     After being kidnap along with Jessica (Master Z's sub) this two will show their captors what really means to be a sassy sub.

     It is very inspiring when we get to witness people who have being victims in any way be the best person for it and dedicate their life to help other people who have being by the same (or in this case read about it (even if it's fantasy as for me every fantasy comes from a kernel of truth))

     Now I'm off to read the next one and hope that Master Raoul, latino extraordinaire (what I'm latina so I'm permitted to gloat!! lol), keeps me up at night as have all the other Masters! ^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ARC Review: Three of Hearts by Kelly Jamieson

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Three of Hearts
by Kelly Jamieson
Published by: Riptide Publishing
November 17th, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance, GLBT
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher (Netgalley)
Rating: 4 Stars

     There are so many great aspects to this book. We have Hayleewho is a singer to the band Three of Hearts—who is going through a rough time when she discovers her boyfriend of six months is seeing another singer who is the girly-girl type, unlike her tom-boy self. She then suggests her two band-mates, Ben and Luke, have a threesome with her and after the fact, things get a little tense and awkward for them all.

     It is up to all of them to figure what is wrong and how to fix it but Haylee is the one who takes the initiative but there are some misunderstandings and with Haylee's low-esteem and Luke and Ben's inability to explain things everything goes south.

     There are some heart-warming and heart-wrenching moments that made me teary-eyed and some that just pissed me off. I recommend this book to anyone who likes the genre. I didn't give it 5 stars just cause it's in first person POV and I don't like that POV. And I like multiple character's POVs with me reading. But besides that, it is a really great read.

Twenty percent of all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the It Gets Better Project.
The It Gets Better Project’s mission is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them. Visit their website for more information and to find out how you can get involved:

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Review: Blyss by J. C. Cliff

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by J. C. Cliff
Series: Blyss Trilogy (#1)
Published by: Self-Published by Author
September 14th, 2014
Genre: Dark Erotica
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: 4 Stars

     I have read books about slavery and human trafficking but this is a different story. We still have drugs and no real consent but there is a difference in this drugs. This drug lowers the women's inhibitions making them slaves to their sexual desires and willing to do anything or be with anyone to quench their appetites.

     Julianna is the daughter of a very rich and powerful man. She is kidnapped from her house by the men of a man who's been obsessed with her since he saw her at a dinner party her dad threw. He has been planing for her capture for years and when the time came he made his move to acquire her.

     She is taken to a facility to be trained to be the perfect woman for Nick without breaking her into a mindless, spineless robot. There she captures the attention of Travis, her trainer. He tries to keep it impersonal but he feels things he hasn't with any other woman and he's helpless to resist her charms.

     Julianna takes every opportunity to thwart their plans to turn her into a sexual nympho and retain her ability to make her own choices. She is successful, but at what cost?

     The story and characters are well developed, there is a lot of things going on in a short amount of time (the book develops mostly in just one week) and although it leaves you with many questions of what's to come it also leaves you satisfied with what is already been revealed.

     The only reason this book is not a 5 Stars for me is that it's in first person POV and I just HATE that POV.

Monday, November 17, 2014

ARC Review: Julie's Butterfly by Greta Milán

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Julie’s Butterfly
by Greta Milán (Translated by Allison Layland)
Published by: Amazon Crossing
November 18th, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 Stars

     Wow, what a story. This is really something different and it really shows us what it is for patients of Epidermolysis Bullosa to deal with insensitive and cruel people that don't really understand what they're going through.

     The story is about Bastian—a reclusive photographer who has EB—and Julie—a woman who is still trying to find her calling in life. Julie is really attracted to Bastian but he is rude to her when they meet at an art gallery for Julie's friend Isabelle's expo. He makes it clear on several occasions that he doesn't want anything with her but it was more because he is afraid than anything else.

     But it's not going to happen as fate throws them together again the next day when Bastian has to photograph some antiques for Julie's mother. After two days of photographing Bastian is somewhat relax around Julie and things go on from there.

     It was really sad to see Bastian struggle with accepting himself and realizing that there was really nothing wrong with him. That there are just idiotic people in the world that don't deal well with what they don't understand.

     I would like to read a story about Luke, Elena, and Isabelle. They were really interesting characters.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: Miss Firecracker by Lorelei James

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Miss Firecracker
by Lorelei James
Series: Wild West Boys (#2)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
June 30th, 2009
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Rating: 4 Stars

     As always Lorelei delivers. I really loved this book.

     Although it was short it was sweet it was full of hot, sweaty, steamy scenes. I, in particular, loved the cherry one *blush* and the intensity of the characters. Also that even if it was short there was no confession of love but the promise of it.

     I almost died laughing at the confrontation of Blake and Willow's daddies!!

     I would like to read a story about the West cousins Chet? and Whoever the other is... ^_^

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: Crazy Thing Called Love by Molly O'Keefe

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Crazy Thing Called Love
by Molly O'Keefe
Series: Crooked Creek Ranch (#3)
Published by: Bantam
January 29th 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3 Stars

     This story had me, about half of the way in, wiping out the Kleenex. I love a good story that makes me cry. I loved the chemistry between Maddy and Billy. I liked the history between them and the little glimpses we had of their past. Of how, no matter what, they stayed true to their love. Even years later.

     What I didn't like was how stuck up Maddy was and the way she went to all this trouble to keep away from him. For at the end she couldn't resist the strong pull of love and familiar history.

     This book had me laughing, crying, cussing and a bunch other emotions, not unlike the characters. And one thing that had me going was Becky and Charlie and how it all ended for them. And that ending WOW I didn't even expected it! I really loved it and I can say it was good and maybe better from the first two. At least for me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review: Love Hypothetically by Anne Tenino

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Love, Hypothetically
by Anne Tenino
Series: Theta Alpha Gamma (#2)
Published by: Riptide Publishing
August 27th 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance, GLBT
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher
Rating: 3 Stars

     Well, now I know why Paul was such a prick towards Brad. I really feel sorry for him. To have the one person you trust betray you like that, it can really hurt and leave a huge mark.

     I'm just glad that everything worked out for him and that his hypothetical is not so hypothetical any more! I love that part were he's hypothetically explaining the situation to Toby. So funny.

     I like the book over all and laughed a lot with it. Specially the part were he was talking about Toby's roommate "boinking" (he seriously said that ^_^) a girl.

     The only thing I was kind of annoyed was that Paul said 'damn it all' a lot. But overall it was an entertaining read.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: Cowgirls Don't Cry by Lorelei James

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Cowgirls Don't CryCowgirls Don't Cry
by Lorelei James
Series: Rough Riders (#10)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
November 9th 2010
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook

Rating: 5 Stars

     There is something said for second chances. I liked that this book took a sad story and turned into something happy and worthy. I was kind of saddened by Jessie and her life with Luke but I have to admired Brandt for taking up his brother's slack and proving that not all McKay's are attached to that family "reputation".

     Also I would have like they could have Luke's son closer to them. It really shocked me what his mother told Jessie. It was kind of crazy to do that, but I think in that time and age and with her parents religious stance it was inevitable.

     I love this story because it shows us that ever though blood runs thicker that water it doesn't have the same effect on members of the same family. We all are unique!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Boots and Chaps by Myla Jackson

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Boots and Chaps
by Myla Jackson
Series: Ugly Stick Saloon (#1)
Published by: Samhain Publishing
January 3rd 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon Free Promotion
Rating: 3 Stars

     I started this book some time ago but couldn't finish it. Maybe I was reading too much “porn” at the time or something but it just wasn't doing it for me. I've been on a readers block lately so I decided to give it a try again and what did you know it has potential.

     I really liked the whole mystery dancer with the mask and all that. The BDSM portion of the book was a little bland but I understand that Jackson was not a born Dom and they are all wadding the waters in that respect.

     What I found difficult to understand was the fact that neither Jackson, Luke nor Mark put together the fact that Audrey was really Kiki. I mean if she was mute during the encounter I can see how but she was speaking. And even if she changed her voice it is (if they are doing it correctly) impossible for her to keep the charade with her brain scrambled.

     Anyhow I will be reading the next book just to see if the story better holds my attention. If not I’ll have to say bye-bye to this series.